Sunday, February 22, 2009


We have more testing kits sitting around this house than most doctor's offices - I'm pretty sure that's true. Poop tests, pee tests (2 kinds), blood tests, water testing kits, etc. I guess it's just par for the course in many households these days, especially autism families.

My friend, Donna, has jokingly remarked to her husband to sleep on your back at our house and NEVER eat out of the refrigerator without checking first...referring to the supplements given during our son's sleep or the "biohazard" tests stored in the fridge waiting for FedEx.

I remember prepping for our first set of these tests...reading and re-reading the directions. Oh the confusion - write the name and date? fill how high? Refrigerate? Freeze? Visa/MC? Insurance - HA! Now it's become so second nature that every time my son moves his bowels without the assistance of an enema or suppository my first thought is - "do I have a kit that I need a sample for?"...


  1. Congratulations on starting your blog! I think this will be a fun past time and a good stress reliever for you.

    I think you should explain the title of the blog along with the story to enlighten new readers to the significance of the blog.

    I also still stand by my own advice to sleep on your back and with one eye open at your house and brown bag or order take out if planning to snack while visiting!

    As for your 'medical testing lab' - you are a cauldron away from a coven or a Halloween movie! It is always with delightedly anxious anticipation that I come for a visit as I know I will be greeted with an unbelievable recounting of some story that could not be imagined - truth surely is stranger than fiction - and always hilarious when your crew is involved!!

    Keep blogging - I can't wait to read your adventures!

  2. Stress reliever? Try time waster...!
    You are just egging me on, woman! Damn you!