Monday, February 23, 2009

How to name a blog?

I have to credit my friend "Mrs. B" with the name of the blog...
It goes like family had been traveling quite a bit over the past year or so, which was no small feat considering my son with autism (and other complicating factors) and my three year old daughter, who is not shy about expressing her opinions. We had traveled to Puerto Rico twice, Baltimore (which included a hospital stay for my daughter), New Orleans, Texas, NYC and DisneyWorld (2x). Some of this was for work and we took the kids, some family stuff and some was just for "fun".

It was November and I was staring down the barrel of a trip to Key West to scatter my mom's ashes. I just couldn't bear the thought of this trip. Aside from the emotional implications - I was just fried from traveling. We had been tightening the grips on my son's diet and therapies, working more, starting yet another business...I couldn't take one...more...thing! I was sharing my dread of this trip with "Mrs. B" and she said "I can see it now - kids in tow going through security with 200 frozen gluten free pancakes and that huge silver urn filled with your mom's ashes. All I can say is 'Hello Gitmo'!" And the blog title was born. I was actually going to call it "200 Frozen Gluten Free Pancakes And My Mother's Earthly Remains" but c'mon - that's a bit much...I'm saving that for my book.

BTW, I bowed out of the key west trip. My sister was feeling exactly the same way - and now look. Things are so screwed with the economy we can probably get a GREAT deal on that trip now.

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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I enjoyed reading the story about how your blog was named and giggled at the thought of carrying around 200 frozen gluten free pancakes. I'm still trying to find egg free pancakes! hehe