Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Young Love

My son is a ladies man. When he was 3, we were walking around in town and a beautiful young woman walked past us in shorts. He stopped, turned around to watch her walk away and gave her the once over - obviously looking at her from top to bottom. Another woman, spotted the entire scene and proceeded to laugh and say "That baby just oogled that lady" (he was three but he is quite small for his age)...that about sums up my son.

Fast forward to one of our current babysitters. He is in LOVE with her. Obsessed. Which is not hard when you are on the spectrum. The good thing about this obsession is that it is with a person - not an elevator, train, hotel, subway, toy. I suppose that is progress. He loves to 'snuggle' with her, he runs up to hug her and looks forward to showing her special things. But now he wants to visit her house all the time, and snuggle with her in her bed, etc. Now I see the pitfalls of obsessing over a person vs. a thing. A thing you can take with you all the time. And yes, he has fallen asleep with her picture cradled near his head...not as good as the real thing. Stay could get ugly.

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  1. Exactly why Foster's 1:1 aide is a man. He loooooves the ladies.