Sunday, March 22, 2009

Maybe not so Friendly

We are regulars at the local Friendly's restaurant. They love my kids and take care of us.
The other evening there was a large table next to us of a family with a new baby. We were all "ohh"ing and "ahh"ing over this precious child.
As we were leaving, my son decided he wanted to see the baby (who ws now asleep). Side story - noticing babies and dogs is something somewhat new to my son. He treated them as if they might as well be... ah... doorknobs about 8 months ago. Unfortunately, he likes to walk up to babies and bop them on the head with a little plastic toy he carries around. By the way, babies do NOT like to be bopped on the head with little plastic toys - trust me. It's a new "concern" we have to keep in mind when we head out "ok honey, remember to watch Carson around babies and dogs; and Morgan is still afraid of wind and eats snow - any snow".

Anyhoo, as my son creeps closer to this precious child I knowingly hold him close and undetectedly (is that a word) hold his arms to his side. He peers at the sleeping child, smiles and shouts "HI!!". Have you ever seen a sleeping baby startle? It kind looks like a cross between an 8 year old at a Haunted House and your gramma slipping on some ice.
"Ok honey, remember to clamp your hand around his mouth...."


  1. Oops! My daughter is just starting to warm up to babies. She hated them for a long time because when they cried it hurt her ears.

    Always charming when your child screams,

    "BAD BABY!" at a sweet little newborn.

    : )

  2. Do you ever wonder who would remember these details if not you? I do... My husband fed our youngest son yogurt. He knows that Finn is allergic to dairy. Thankfully I walked into the room (to the sound of Finn "nomm...nomm.nommm!-ing") and thankfully it's just the kind of allergy that results only in a rash and some digestive issues. But how could he forget that?

  3. my daughter, much like michelle's can't tolerate a crying baby. AT ALL. however, a sleeping one s just fine. she doesn't have a whole lot of interest, but once in a while she'll walk right over and stage whisper, shhh! baby's sleeping.

    i love that your son wanted to say 'hi'!

    maybe he can learn to whisper - or wave ;)